“As Cinquenta Sombras de Grey” de E. L. James

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
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I’ve read this book, because my (girl)friends were ecstatic by it, and, like any other countries, Portugal was exploding with such success.. So.. I wanted to understand that, and also because SD is a topic that really catch my eye (if you know what I mean 😉 ), so I really wanted to see how she portrayed it and why people where so driven by it!
This was one of those cases that I saw the movie before I read the books, because I had a clue that I wouldn’t like it, so I just needed to be sure if it was worth considering it. I hated the movie, as I predicted, and then post my opinion about it on Facebook. My friends told me: “You can’t just see the movie, it is nothing compared to the book, the book is so good and the movies, kind of ruins it!” Of course I believed this, because it happens A LOT on book adaptations to the cinema and, since my birthday was coming up, they decided to offer me the 3 books.
I read the first one. Probably it was one of the fastest books I’ve ever read and, for me, this is a no deal.. Because I am a slow reader. Not that I read slow, but i reared some parts, I marked them, write about them, I do some research on interesting topics… it’s almost like making an essay on the book.
So.. about 50 Shades. There are 2 importante issued I would like to address on why I hated this book and why it is, probably, the worse book I’ve ever read!:

1 – The writing: I went searching for the definition of “literature” so I can sustain my opinion on this. Literature, which, in its mainly definition represents every body of written words (in this casa, what I just wrote it is, in fact, literature. However, the sense of literature has been growing to express works that gp behind simply writing, but are considered works of art. The first genres to be categorize as literature were novels and, of course, poetry, in order to distinguish them from other forms of writing, like journalism. Along with the evolution of writing as office, this term started to used to differ somo types of writing, even within the same genre, to enhance the artistic habillities of the writer and the aesthethic of the book, meaning, for a given book to be considered as literature, it must be considered as A work of art! And this book, in sepcific, it so NOT literatute, but instead a body of written words. There is no poetry on it (yes.. you can easily find poetry across all genres of writing). It is a poor text, with no deep thoughts, it is even less interesting than a car manual, one can find more art in a LIDL brochure.

2- The topic. this, in my opinion, is way worse that the lack of art in E. L. James’ writing. The book addresses a sexual behavior very common on people’s fantasies called sadomasochism, in which painful (physical or emotional) are undertaken by one person (sadistic) towards another (masochistic). However….. the main character, Mr. Gray, is portrayed as emotional sick person. And, although it is true that this can happen, Mrs. James, was not considerated enough to explain to readers that are not familiar with BDSM practice that NOT ALL BSDM fans have sexual disturbed behaviors, and what ends doing is calling all these people sick bastards. Also, the naive girl who falls with him goes along on those practices because she is in love with him, and not because she likes it. Giving us the impression that the submissive person is coerced to do it “by love”.

So.. everything is deeply wrong in this book. This is NOT literature (and I am fine with it, I just choose not to read it..) and not even an HOW TO book, because everything she describes is very far away from true! I was hopping to read a book that talks about any kind of sexual behavior in order to enhance my knowledge about it, and it is a given fact, that NO research whatsoever, was done to write this.

And… if you say that BDSM can, actually be a form of a disorder, you are right, it can.. as can a lot of other acts (especially not just only sexual ones). And, most of the times, the disorder is found on the submissive person, instead of the dominant one!

So, after this, my last words towards this book, are:
It is the worst book I’ve ever read, and a kind of dangerous regarding creating sexual stereotypes and judging people based on a uninformed opinion of a writer. I’ve given one because it is the minimum, and I can not give it less…

I will not recommend this to anyone, instead, but, if anyone here wants to read it, be my guest, but PLEASE, do not read this as a certain information about BSDM.

Ohhh, for last.. The reason this book was sooo… famous is just one: explicit SEX language. So, if come here because you want to read this book as an erotic novel, please, go further on your research because there are amazing literature, YES, literature!!! on that! 🙂

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