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“Ficções” de Jorge Luís Borges

FicçõesFicções by Jorge Luis Borges
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think this book from Jorge Luís Borges really opened me up for power of literature and writing. I’ve read it so many years ago, I can not remember when, but this notion will always stay with me. The notion of all the possibilities there are, as much as you can not even think about all of them.
Tlön showed me, literally, that you can create a whole new world, because he made ti. He did show us a world with his own people, their own language, their own laws and even their own currency. And all of this, in a very small story that you can read in a coffee and cigarette break. Of course that if you don’t smoke or if you don’t drink coffee, you can appreciate it with a cup of tea or whilst sitting on a garden in a beautiful sunny afternoon. It still works in the morning, though.
For me, a five star book is a book, not being poetry in its classical definition, has an immense sense of it through out the pages. And Borges does it, all along everything I’ve ever read from me.
So, if you want a good advice, just put this book in your bag, in your car, in your office, and dare yourself to dream once in a while, when life’s really becoming a bitch in its reality, that’s when you need to fight her. And Borges will always show you the right way to do it.

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